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Led by Teagan Faran

Learn the basics of tango with Teagan, a violinist who has recently performed with the Orquesta Escuela de Emilio Balcarce and La Martino Orquesta Típica in Buenos Aires! Each day we will explore a specific genre of tango: Milonga, Vals, and Tango Canción. Discover the tricks of improvisation and accompaniment, and at the end of the week perform - in a virtual string choir - an original tango arrangement written for SA'OAXACA!


Led by Israel Mello


Join Mr. Mello for an in depth look at the well-respected techniques developed by Karen Tuttle - a former student of William Primrose. Tuttle’s approach to playing the viola includes balancing the instrument, stance, and body awareness, leading to ease and comfort, resulting in a beautiful, resonant sound, more facile technique, expressive playing, and reduced stage fright. Left and right hand technique, phrasing, pacing, character and musical expression, among other things, are also addressed in coordination.

Mr. Mello was first introduced to the Karen Tuttle Technique at the age of 14, and has been studying in festivals and having masterclasses with Tuttle’s former students since then. If you are a violin or viola player, bring your instrument, a pad and pencil, and dive into the Tuttle world!

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