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(Founding Quartet - 2019)


(Guest Quartet - 2019)

Since its founding in 1995, Cuarteto de la Ciudad de México or the Mexico City Quartet has been a leader in the dissemination of Mexican music around the world and has had the honor of acting as cultural ambassador of its city on numerous occasions.

Since 1996, the Quartet has embarked on 15 international tours in the U.S. and Europe. They have been praised by the International Press, performing in cities such as New York, Boston, Dallas, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Brussels, Saint Petersburg as well as cities in Switzerland and Italy. Their discography consists of 11 CDs, 5 of which are of Mexican music, recorded in Mexico, Germany and France.




Osvaldo Urbieta  - Violin

Carlos Gandara – Violin

Yulia Dogadeva – Viola

Vladimir Sagaydo - Cello

Based in Ann Arbor, the Amatista Quartet formed as students at the University of Michigan and have been playing together for two years under the guidance of Andrew Jennings. The quartet represents a rich variety of musical and personal backgrounds, and their shared passion for string quartet repertoire has brought them from the music of Joseph Haydn to Silvestre Revueltas. The Amatista Quartet has a special mission to perform and promote the music of Latin-American composers, and is determined to share this mission in its educational and artistic pursuits.


SString Quartet Op. 20 no. 2 in C Major - I. Moderato

Joseph Haydn


Amatista Quartet

University of Michigan